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How to use amazing Instagram content to boost your digital marketing

If you don’t care about the future of your business or customers, stop reading now.

Instagram is a tremendously powerful platform and it’s your duty to leverage it for your business. User engagement levels are 15 times higher than Facebook, and over 75% of leading brands are already present on the platform.

Maybe you already knew that or you are already using Instagram.

But are you using it like the pros?

Most people are going in blind and then wondering why that photo of John’s leaving drinks didn’t get any likes; or why that whiteboard brainstorming session didn’t get any feedback; and don’t get me started on stock images of the product. The images aren’t appealing, and who wants to follow an assortment of photo garbage?

People want to engage with you, but most of the content you upload doesn’t relate to them.

It’s key that you get involved, start with a good foundation, create meaningful interactions with your community, and fine-tune your message to improve your brand’s visibility.

What’s the best way to do that you ask?

I’ve been playing around and experimenting with Instagram for the last two years. With ups and downs I’ve built a strong following by captivating and engaging my audience. I won the ‘Best Job in the World’ campaign by Tourism Australia, helped their marketing team with one million Instagram followers, and was a finalist in the first ever Insta-Film Festival.

These experiences have taught me a number of ways to organically grow and maintain a strong following. Yet nobody teaches these things in school.

I want to share with you a few examples and techniques that have helped me along the way. Here’s a teaser to skim the surface.





  1.  Pick Your Topic

Cats, food, fashion, nature, portraits, sunsets, selfies. Whichever you select, your photos need to be centred on that topic. Consistency is key.

If you have a talent (everyone does) you could showcase that. Be it dancing, drawing, literature, fashion trends, great cooking or an obscure interest. There are bound to be people searching for the same interest.

Pick a topic that you’re most happy with and stick with it. It will define who you are.

If all else fails, just take photos of your pet.


  1. Hashtags (Done Right)

Ok so people (usually always) say you need to tag your photos. Each photo is allowed a maximum of 30 tags. But wait!

Stop hash tagging so much! You’re annoying people.

As you’re posting you can tag your photo with some relevant tags (zero to eight maximum), then wait and put the remaining tags as a comment so that not many people will see them, but makes your photo still findable in search.


  1. Reaching out to Accounts

To take you photos to the next level you need to get them in front of a huge audience.

There are hundreds of accounts with huge followings that repost other peoples photos. If they pick your photo you’ll get credited, and get great exposure.



Your job is to find accounts that post similar photos to you. Tag your photo with their name, tag their account and hashtag in your caption or in a comment under your photo, and hope they love your photography.

The more accounts that feature your photos the more likes and followers you get. In order to be featured your photos need to be epic.



Here’s your chance to learn a lot more.

We’re offering you a course in the coming new year 2015 with some amazing material that will definitely help your business succeed. If you’re interested then drop us a line.

I’m @daxon on Instagram, or tweet me @daxon



Create A Spooky Marketing Campaign For Halloween

As the Connector team is really brave and not frightened by ghosts or zombies, we are the perfect digital agency for you to work with this Halloween.

In our secret laboratory we have a team of highly skilled crazy professors who can help you with concepts, design, videos, games and all your social media requirements.

Last year, we did a spooky ‘Halloween Pumpkin Run’ campaign, where we delivered purple pumpkins filled with sweets to twenty lucky Dublin based agencies. See the photo below. Each and every pumpkin had the connector360 personal touch – hollowed out, painted and filled with treats by our very own minions. A QR code inside led to a special Trick or Treat page with our credentials and a party invitation. What a treat! We think we did a spooktastic job! ;-)

We can create campaigns for you right up until last minute but why not talk to us today about your Halloween campaign! Boo!

You can contact us at or call us on +353 1 906 0006.




Data analytics: the backbone of digital marketing

Data analytics: the backbone of digital marketing

As digital marketers, we are always looking for new and innovative ways to connect with our customer. But the fact is that no matter how creative your campaign is, if there are no data analytics set up behind it, you’re wasting time, money and effort. While you might think that your campaign is performing well, the only real way to know is to set up analytics that measures real numbers and key performance indicators.

in data we trust

When it comes to digital marketing, the primary types of analytics companies set up is on their website, social media channels and email marketing campaigns. The type of data you can collect on each platform varies slightly, for counting how many people engage with your posts on social media channels, to granular detail about what people are doing on your website, to tracking the open rate of your email campaign. Collecting this data drives future decisions about campaigns and gives marketers the information they need to allocate budget and optimise their marketing plans.


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Mobile Market Domination

Mobile Marketing: Constantly Connected to your Customer

Going mobile is an indisputable must do for companies who not only want to survive, but thrive. To stand at the forefront of emerging trends and position themselves as innovative, up-to-date and trustworthy, companies must invest in optimising for and advertising on their customer’s constant companion – the smartphone.

In the beginning, there was SMS marketing, and from there mobile marketing has exploded. Growing to incorporate proximity marketing to disappearing Snapchat vouchers and so much more, the vast number of mobile marketing choices has intimidated more than one marketing buff, causing them to drop out of mobile marketing altogether.

But with Forbes statistics indicating that around 4 billion people worldwide own a smartphone and 57% of the Irish population are smartphone users – not to mention that 91% of people don’t want their smartphone out of arms reach – overlooking mobile marketing is ill-advised. So, no matter what your entry point, how do you get started with mobile marketing?

What is mobile marketing?

Let’s start with the basics – mobile marketing is the name given to marketing on or through a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet. It can involve developing an app, planning a mobile focused campaign or creating an integrated advertising strategy. Mobile interactions are capable of changing the customers’ path to purchase if companies can influence them at specific points by delivering a value-added experience.

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Connecting Companies and Customers with Digital Video

Connecting Companies and Customers with Digital Video

Digital video is quickly evolving into a powerful tool for connecting great companies and great content with great people. But we all know that building great connections takes time, time which is difficult to find in our busy lives. To solve this dilemma, marketers are turning to digital video.

Digital video has grown from YouTube to Netflix to Hulu to social media video on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Vine, ever evolving to keep us close and connected as we navigate our busy lives. From using video for running competitions, to releasing new products, to encouraging user generated content to promote brands, many companies have chosen to embrace digital video and it’s not surprising why. According to the folks over at Digital Sherpa, 80% of people prefer to watch a video than read long form content. Not only that, but people who watch your content are more likely to visit your website, purchase a product or otherwise interact with your brand after watching.

Captivating people with great stories is at the heart of connecting people with digital video. It’s easy to get started – all you have to do to create exceptional video is ask yourself these simple questions

Digital video

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The future of retail - connector

The Future of Retail 2014 by Connector

In this retail trends study, we would like to share our expertise and advice on the future of retail by looking at areas such as fashion, convenience stores & pharmacies.

This report will provide you the best examples of retailers such as Amazon, Nordstorm and C&A using online/offline social media and the latest trends in digital to market their products.
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